American Roulette Bets and Payouts

Higher House Edge -Lower Odds?

Every punter who does the best to master his or her gambling skills should be aware of the available types of bets and offered payouts. And yes, it is really true that American roulette variation offer lower odds due to the double zero pocket located on the top of the table layout and on the roulette wheel. Thus the house advantage is boosted to 5.26%.

The American roulette wheel is divided into 38 slots including "0", "00" and numbers from 1-36. One may easily calculate the American double zero roulette wheel formula: (35-37)/38 x 100= -5.26%

Bets and Payouts on the American Roulette Table Layout

American variation of the game has the same types of bets that are available in the European roulette. Below you fill find all the necessary information about possible betting combinations and rewards if you will manage to guess the right number(s).

Inside bets can be made in various combinations:

  • Straight up bet (or bet on the any of the available on roulette numbers) amounts to the payout of 35-1.
  • Split bet is placed on 2 numbers and a payoff here comprises to 17-1.
  • Street bet includes 3 numbers with the payout of 11-1.
  • Corner bet is a 4 numbers bet which has a payoff of 8-1.
  • Five numbers bet affects 5 numerals. The payout in this case will be 6-1.
  • Line bet is a bet on 6 numbers with a payout of 5-1.

Learn the outside bets and their peculiarities which are essential when playing at American roulette variation:

  • Column is a bet placed on 12 numbers and the payoff will be 2-1.
  • Dozen bet is also placed on 12 numbers (1 - 12, 13 - 24, & 25 - 36) and your pay off will be 2-1.
  • Red/black bet is placed on the appropriate color of group of numbers. The payout rate for this type of bet is 1-1.
  • High/low bet or 1-18/19-36 bet covers two groups of numerals with a payout of 1-1.
  • Odd/even bet is placed on the appropriate groups of odd or even numerals. The payoff rate in this case is 1-1.

Some casinos in the United Kingdom allow additional split columns and split dozens bets with a payout which amounts to 1-2.

In conclusion it is necessary to say that American roulette game provides a range of possible bets but due to the added double zero pocket the house edge is higher and that leaves less space for the players odds.

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