Conservative Views: Classic Roulette Variations

Your Personal Guide to the Casino Roulette World

The popularity of the roulette game can be traced back to the 18th century. Sometime after it has spread all over the Globe and became the favorite game among gamblers. As everything in this world the roulette game developed into several classic types with own peculiarities but under one and the same roulette basis.

Nowadays internet betting houses and land-based gambling establishments invite players to experience different styles of roulette games and these include: American roulette, European roulette, roulette Royale and French roulette. There are also few other variants of roulette like mini-roulette, no zero roulette. The above listed game variations are played for real money. But there are also roulette games intended for fun and do not involving cashable prizes. Among them there are: drinking roulette, wheel of fortune, Bauer roulette, "Pole Chudes" and Le Multicolore.

American roulette

Roulette game was brought to the US by immigrants who travelled across the ocean in the end of the 18th century. The game was changed and develops but still American roulette game variant is based on European roulette and yields to it as it has additional double zero slot that increases casino house edge which is 5.26%.

European roulette

European roulette table layout offers greater odds if compared to its competitor - American roulette. Exactly that's why it is the most popular roulette alternative game among the range of other existing roulette adventures. This particular variation of roulette has only green zero pocket on the wheel thus players can bet on 37 numbers (1 to 36 numerals and "0" slot). The advantage of the casino in European roulette comes up to 2.67%.

French roulette

This type of roulette contains 2 kinds of outside stakes: dozen & even-money bets. French roulette suggests two rules ("La Partage" and "En Prison") for the gamblers'. "La Partage" takes place when the gamer bets on any numeral or group of numerals except zero thus 50% of his or her initial bet will be compensated. "En Prison" rule may suggest the gamer to delay the bet for the next roulette wheel spin. It goes without saying that French roulette is definitely the most difficult variation of the game.

Remaining Classical Games: Royale Roulette, Mini-Roulette and No Zero Roulette

Royale roulette and mini-roulette are basically based on European single-zero variation of the game. The rules are almost the same but it is necessary to mention that Royale roulette offers progressive jackpot for those who strive for life-changing winnings.

Mini-roulette in the meantime has 12 numbers on the wheel and a zero. Thus this type of game provides more opportunities to win especially if you bet on a group of numerals. But payouts in mini-roulette are smaller.

No zero roulette provides better chances for gamers due to the absence of the zero slot and house advantage. But it doesn't mean that online or land-based casino will be at loss: still your chances for the victory depend only on pure luck.

Roulette for fun

  • Fun roulette games
  • Along with standard roulette variations one can enjoy roulette games for fun.