European Roulette Review

A Glance Back to the History

Some time ago in the year of 1842 two Frenchman whose names were Francois and Lois Blanc made up a decision to add a zero to the roulette in order to boost players' odds. This innovative feature was readily accepted with great enthusiasm and soon became widely popular in gambling establishments. This variation of the roulette casino games is known nowadays as European roulette and is one of the leading gambling adventures which are played all over the European casinos. It draws attention of great number of players from various corners of the entire Globe.

European Roulette Wheel Layout

European roulette is also known as a single zero roulette as it has only one zero pocket on the wheel in contradistinction to American roulette which has an additional double zero pocket on the layout thus decreasing the chances of gamers to achieve the victory. Overall there are 37 pockets on the European wheel: zero and numerals from 1 to 36. The colors of these slots are red and black and "0" is green.

The house advantage in this particular casino game comprises to 2.70% or 1/37. It should be noted that in the long run the casino always wins; however, the European roulette is worth trying. This gambling game is intended for guessing a lucky number on the wheel where the while plastic ball is about to land.

How to Boost Chances to Win?

Presently this adventure is a game of chance that is solely and exclusively based on sheer luck. In order to increase your winning prospects you should simply follow obvious roulette hints, learn the roulette game rules and use all the range of welcome bonuses and offers. If you will stick to the most valuable tips and obey etiquette rules and basics of the game, your profit will have an opportunity to grow with each spin of the roulette wheel.

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Modern European Roulette

Nowadays European roulette can be played both in brick and mortar casinos and on virtual gambling websites. The progress of internet trends has spread single zero roulette alternative all over the world even to the far-reaching locations. Nowadays millions of gamblers who have an access to the cyberspace have a chance to get through thrills and excitement of this game of chance. Join the gambling community!

Roulette for fun

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