Major Fun Roulette Game Varieties

Fun Roulette Games

There is a range of fun roulette variations that are based on the original classic roulette casino pattern but are accustomed for entertainment and parties rather than for gambling purposes and easy money earning. Roulette wheel can be used as accessories in such adventures as Drinking Roulette, Word Roulette, "Wheel of Fortune" or its Russian equivalent "Pole Chudes". No money is required for the listed above games - only your fantasy and imagination. There are some other similar games but they completely convert the context of the game. For instance, Bauernroulette and Le Multicolore (a mix of gambling game and billiard).

Drinking Roulette

Drinking game is a game that is commonly used at adult parties. Firstly, glasses are filled with alcohol, divided into "red" and "black." Secondly, players are to decide what team they will play for. And finally, the roulette wheel begins to spin. In case a player from the "red team" spins the roulette wheel and the white ball lands on the red pocket, s/he skips the drink. The same is for the "black team" players. They swig off a glass only in case the ball lands in the slot of the relevant color with their team.

Truth or Dare Roulette

Freeroulettedoc.com is a very popular entertainment among adults and young people. There are loads of downloadable add-ons for cell phones and PCs. Make up the rules of the game and enjoy it in a circle of close friends or at a party. To play with a game wheel, first establish the rules of the game: When player picks up red or even numeral, but the ball lands on black or odd, he or she should answer honestly the question asked by another player or take a dare. It would ease the game if you assign different colors to the "truth" and "dare" options. If the result is "0", the player has a right to skip the round.

Word Roulette

This game is also bases on classic roulette with the exception that letters are assigned for all numbers on a wheel. Players place 2 or more balls and spin the wheel. Afterwards they should form words from letters where balls had landed.

Wheel of Fortune or "Pole Chudes"

"Wheel of Fortune" or its Russian clone named "Pole Chudes" is a TV show where players spin the roulette wheel in order to solve the puzzle and obtain attractive rewards. The wheel is divided into several spaces that help to identify the value of players' odds. For instance, there are Prize and Bankrupt spaces.

"Pole Chudes" game show shares the same basic roulette principles -players resolve puzzles opening random letters of various words.

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