Tiny Alternative: Mini Roulette

What is Mini-Roulette?

Mini-roulette is based on the single zero European roulette model. But instead of numbers from 1-36 that are typical for European or other roulette games, it has only 12 numbered wheel pockets and a zero. Do not fall into confusion: the volume of payouts in this mini-roulette version is really huge!

Mini-roulette is a gambling game designed by PlayTech and available only in online casino network powered by this particular gambling software supplier. It is available in 2 versions: you can either download it or use no download flash game.

How to Play?

To begin the game you need to press on the chip you want to bet on and afterwards click on the appropriate table area where you want to place it. Note that each additional click on the table area adds equal value chip to your initial bet. In order to pick up another chip with different value, you need to select it with a mouse click and drag it to the desired mini-roulette table area.

You can place more than one chip to various table areas on the same time. In order to remove your current chip (or chips) you have to perform a right click on certain square table area where you want to remove it. After all bets are correctly places on the desired squares you should press the "Spin" button and take a deep breath. And there you go - the winning number is in front of you on your computer screen! Congratulation to winners!

Have Fun!

Mini-roulette is becoming increasingly popular worldwide for a range of reasons. Firstly, if you find yourself on a lucky streak, you have a chance to increase the volume of bets and achieve greater monetary rewards (often you cannot do that in a full size roulette game). Secondly, mini-roulette game has an option of "chat" where gamblers from various places of the Globe can communicate with each other. Thus mini-roulette has a reputation of" friendly" gambling game.

A mini roulette table layout is very similar to regular one, but as it was already mentioned above it has less numbers. If you are tired from standard roulette types and search for new impressions, mini-roulette is exactly what you need! Whether you are an experienced punter or a novice who just begins the gambling journey, this online roulette mini copy is a completely new kind of game that will undoubtedly renew your curiosity to the game. Check the mini-roulette game for a totally new experience!

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