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Unwritten Rules that Refer to Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is a beloved gambling game that gives adrenalin and thrills for many amateurs and punters. Moreover roulette is a game of social interaction and players should learn certain unwritten rules and follow them when gambling at the roulette table in betting houses.

Roulette culture covers major essential aspects of the casino roulette game of chance. The following rules should be obeyed at every gambling establishment:

  • Players can make and change their bets till the dolly will be placed by a casino croupier who will inform that "no more bets" are now allowed. Any attempts to violate this rule may be considered as attempt to cheat and will lead to serious consequences.
  • Roulette etiquette declares that it is not appropriate to bother other gamblers, irritate them or touch their chips. Only dealer deals with bets and payouts. Treat the game and those who play it respectfully and you will be definitely rewarded.
  • Drinking or eating at the roulette table is not allowed.
  • In many European casinos you cannot leave a tip for the roulette dealer but in the US you can generously tip the casino croupier.
  • In order to have a good time at a roulette table try to be friendly and calm. Relax and enjoy the excitement that provides this particular game of chance.
  • Roulette etiquette in some gambling establishments includes the dress code. Hence, check the casino rules you are going to visit. As a rule elite European roulette casinos apply dress code in order to reach all possible aesthetic pleasure. American casinos' rules are much simpler.
  • Players need to place chips on the board. Tossed chips may move other stakes. Therefore, in case a gambler has no opportunity to reach the necessary place on the table, s/he should declare the bet to the casino croupier.
  • The bet is valid only if the croupier has repeated it. Make sure that the procedure was accomplished as it is very impolite to argue with the dealer.

The listed above rules are obligatory in many casinos and if you violate them you might be recommended to leave the roulette table. Hence, if you have any questions you should contact the dealer or anyone of the casino stuff. Always:

  • Ask casino stuff for help in case you cannot understand anything. They will be happy to help you.
  • If you happen to observe any mistakes which can cost you real money, inform dealer or someone of the casino stuff about it.

These are essential rules of the roulette etiquette. Follow them, be polite at the roulette table and the Lady Luck will definitely guide you to success.

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