Roulette Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Definition and Essence of the Game

Roulette is a game of chance where players make bets on single numerals or a range of numerals. All numbers are of red and black color. There is also a green zero slot and double zero slot (in American roulette variation). In order to identify the winning numerals a dealer makes the wheel spin in certain direction and throws the ball in the opposite course. While players hold their breath and follow the ball it eventually falls on to certain roulette pocket which is considered to be the winning numeral.

Follow our roulette guide further and you will find out more interesting facts about roulette casino game and roulette bets and other essential features.

Roulette Game Peculiarities

Roulette casino game is considered to be the most popular game of chance among players from various regions of the Globe. Roulette gamers are attracted by different features, including excitements they can obtain from the game as well as rewards and, of course, gamblers can enjoy betting roulette system that allows various wagering options. They can either choose the exact numeral pocket or a small range of them and thus place an inside bets or pick up a broader range of pockets and their color and make an outside bet. The outcome of this game is unpredictable because the only thing that determines the results is fortune.

Roulette Numerals

It is common knowledge that roulette wheel pockets are numbered from 1 up to 36. As it was already said above, one green zero pocket which is marked "0"may be found in European roulette and there is a double green zero pocket ("00") in American alternative of the game.

It may be interesting to find out that in the range of numerals from 1-10 and 19-28 even figures are black and odd numerals are red and vice versa in sequence from 11-18 and 29-36 even numbers are red and odd figures are black.

The End of the Roulette Game

Many gamers wonder about the culmination of the game and the exact moment when they are no more allowed to wager. Follow our roulette guide which will let you know that roulette players are allowed to make bets till the moment when the croupier will place the dolly win marker on the table layout. This sign means that gamblers are no more allowed to make stakes, collect or remove them. Then with the help of the roulette rake the dealer removes the losing bets and identifies the payoffs to winning bets both inside and outside.

Roulette for fun

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