Major Landmarks of the Roulette History

First Records about Roulette Gambling Tool

Early recollections of spinning wheel that was intended for gambling purposes can be traced to Romans and Greeks. Greek soldiers used to spin their shields with 10 marked pockets on the front surface. When the shield stopped spinning they determined winning pockets. Roman warriors in the meantime used chariot wheel for gambling purposes as well. Some sources let us know that shields were also used to predict the outcome of the battle.

Emergence of the Roulette in Europe

First primitive roulette was invented in the 17th century by French mathematician Blaise Pascal in his search for the perpetual motion. Pascal's roulette combined different hazard adventures at the time, such as English "Roly-Poly", "Reiner", "Ace of Hearts" and 2 Italian board gambling games: "Biribi" & "Hoca". Actually Blaise Pascal even borrowed the name "Roulette" from a popular French board game.

Another point of viewfroulet informs that first roulette was invented by French monks who played it in monasteries in order to overcome boredom. Sometime later roulette already could be found in Parisian casinos.

In 1796 roulette game became quite popular gambling game according to Jacques Lablee and his book named "La Roulette, ou le Jour" that described roulette game rules at Paris' Palais Royale Casino.

Another landmark of the roulette history can be traced back to 1843 when François and Louis Blanc popularized single zero roulette style that challenged other existing gambling establishments which offered standard type of roulette. This event took place in Germany as at that time gambling in France was prohibited.

The Peak of Roulette

In the 1800s roulette agiotage has conquered the whole Europe and the United States becoming the most popular among other gambling adventures. After the German authorities banned gambling in Germany in the 1860s, members of the Blanc Family moved to Monte Carlo where they established a gaming paradise for the elite society of Europe. In America double zero roulette wheel layout remained dominant but in entire Europe single zero wheel roulette game was at the peak of its popularity.

Gamblers from the United States enjoyed the American style roulette to the full extent after the gambling laws were removed. With the emergence of Las Vegas and other gambling centers roulette has become even more popular attracting more and more people to the gambling industry.

Thus roulette has conquered hearts and minds of many people in land-based casinos worldwide but definitely the interest of gamers to this particular game became hotter with the advance of the Internet technologies. Modern online roulette can be found at different reputable online casinos and enjoyed by players from various locations of the world.

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