Roulette House Edge: Everything You Need to Know

Who is the Winner?

Generally speaking roulette house edge is the same for all stakes. The difference may occur due to different variations of this particular game of chance. For instance, it would be better for your wallet if you will prefer European roulette to American wheel which has both has both 0 and 00. Thus American style wheel will produce greater house advantage (5.26%) then European wheel (2.70%).

Note that whatever casino game you will choose to gamble (especially roulette, slots or other games of chance), there is only one winner in every game: betting house always remains on velvet. Your task is to choose the best possible odds, use all existing bonus offers and read gambling roulette guide that will suggest you better tactics and provide you with all the required information that will bring you closer to success.

Casino Mathematical Advantage

When a gambler places stakes on roulette table the unconditional chance to get a certain numeral per certain spin of the wheel is 1/37 or 1/38 but the potential benefit is only 35 to 1. It is absolutely obvious that every spin of the roulette wheel brings much greater risk than the enjoyment that may be obtained with the reward.

In the long-term perspective the gambler is expected to lose more finances than the initial capital that was invested. This scenario is also known as "negative expectancy". To make it simpler, even if a gamer sticks to roulette basics and deposits certain amount of money into roulette games, he or she is expected to lose 2.7% or 5.2% of this sum.

In the short or medium run (for example, for a couple of hundreds or thousands spins), the outcome will alter in accordance with the typical deviancy. In this case gambler can be sure that he or she develops a winning tactics, but the outcome will still depend only on pure luck.

As it was already said above, the casino odds in roulette amount to 35 to 1. Thus if you happen to win, the casino rewards you with 35 dollars in case your original bet was 1 dollar.

Beware green pockets on the roulette wheel and table layout because these are the only house advantage. In case you make an outside bet and roulette wheel comes up with "0" or "00" you come off a loser. The house has as well an advantage on inside bets making your chances to win not so great (only 36 to 1 chance in case of straight bet and the payoff is as a rule fixed as 35 to 1).

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