Dispelling Roulette Myths and Superstitions

Face the Truth

It is negative trait of the human character to pose own assumptions as unshakeable truth. It takes some efforts to gain essential information and many gamers simply sidestep this matter and rely only on own believes, fallacies and intuition.

Roulette is considered to be a game of chance. Along with roulette popularity raised great number of myths and superstitions. Thus, roulette players are tending to make simple mistakes that may drive to serious disappointment.

Avoid Misunderstandings!

Below you will find most common roulette delusions. Master your roulette skills and get round potential difficulties.

Myth â„– 1 - Casino croupier can control the ball and land it wherever it is necessary.

Truth is: Even the best and experienced dealer has no power to predict the place where the ball is about to land and "load the dice" against certain players. Only fortune guides the roulette ball - neither more nor less.

Myth â„– 2 - Roulette wheels are all the same throughout the casinos.

Truth is: Frankly speaking, roulette wheels are different. Look at least at American and European roulette variations. American game has extra double zero slot and the roulette house edge amounts to 5.25%. European roulette in the meantime has 2.70% house advantage and only one single zero green wheel pocket.

Myth â„– 3 - Gamblers can beat the roulette wheel outcomes with the help of some mathematical systems.

Truth is: It is impossible as there is no recorded information about previous spins for the analysis. Roulette games are based just on pure fortune. Definitely there are no systems that can trick the casino and make up certain roulette wheel outcomes. Although, there are roulette hints that will show you the way to increase your chances to win the game.

Myth â„– 4 - The type of bet or bets does not mean anything.

Truth is: There are few gamers who believe that the chances for the victory do not depend on the type of bet you place. It is false because your stake directly affects your chances to win.

Myth â„– 5 - The utilization of money management systems will help you to succeed.

Truth is: Nothing but knowledge of roulette basics will boost your chances for the victory. Money management systems have no power to change the house advantage because as a rule it is already fixed.

It is crucially important to resist the myths and delusions listed below and gamble reliably having fun at the same time.

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