A Glance at the Roulette Table Layout

Knowledge Leads to the Victory!

There is nothing difficult in understanding the layout of the roulette table. In the United States gamblers are allowed bet on 38 numbers: 1-36, 0, 00. The only challenge that a gamer may come across is what type of bet or bets will be the most appropriate: inside or outside? Let us have a closer look at roulette table layout and learn some essential gambling aspects.

Betting area of the roulette table is covered with special colored fabric. It is known as the roulette table layout and is the same throughout every gambling establishment with only one exception: European roulette table layout is identified with a single zero; American roulette table as a rule has additional double zero square.

American and European Table Layout

Both European and American roulette tables have 18 red numerals and 18 black numerals as well as green "0" square (the latter table variation has additional "00" green slot). Note also that numbers from 1 to 36 are separated into 3 divided rows at full length of the table layout. "0" and "00" pockets are situated at the top of 3 rows right above the first three numbers. The whole set of numbers is the "inside" of the roulette table layout (in case a gambler will decide to place an inside bet he or she will have to wager in this particular area.

If you will choose to place with outside bets, you will have to use specific area (outside "squares") of the roulette table layout. This betting zone is considered to be of smaller risk if to compare outside and inside bets (inside bets payout may range from 5 to 1 for all stakes up to 35-1 while outside bets payout may balance from 1-1 to 2-1).

The head of the table layout is crowned with a roulette wheel which has all listed above numerals in its pockets. Casino croupier will spin the wheel one way and spin a little white ball the opposite way which glides along a grooved track. After the wheel is spins the wheel and throws the white ball in the opposite direction. When the ball begins to move slower the dealer makes a sigh that indicates that no more bets are accepted. Afterwards the ball lands randomly in one of the wheel pockets which is determined as the winning one.

Pay Attention to Particular Features!

Recent innovation that requires your attention is electronic score sign. It is a device that rapidly tracks all recent outcomes of the roulette table. Newcomers may not notice its importance but punters definitely know how valuable may be the numbers on indicated on the device. They can be your roulette guide in predicting the future roulette results.

Roulette gambling game may bring you more fun and pleasure if you are aware of the table layout and know how to deal with it. Learning the roulette table layout is your key to success. Good luck!

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