Try Your Luck With Royale Roulette Bets and Payouts!

Make a Bet and Receive Your Reward!

If to talk about bets and payoffs available in Royale roulette, it must be said that they resemble greatly classic European-style roulette with single zero pocket on the wheel. There are 1-36 numbers on the wheel plus green zero square on the Royale roulette table.

Gamblers should be aware of two major kinds of Royale roulette bets and they are:

  • Inside bets that involve wagering on any number (0-36) on the Royale roulette table.
  • Outside bets take place when gamblers make stakes outside the table layout (for instance, red or odd number or first 12 numbers etc.).

Inspect the table below and remember what bets and payouts are available within the Royal roulette game.

Progressive Jackpot

Every online casino offers Royale roulette which is supported with a "Jackpot Side Bet". You can use one offered credit (it can be whether 1 dollar, 1 pound or 1 Euro). This side bet is always has a fixed credit which does not depend on the amount of your other bets. And exactly this jackpot bet is something that makes the progressive jackpot increasing.

It should be emphasized that all of the side bets made by all Royale roulette players in all virtual casinos powered by MicroGaming software manufacturers are pooled together in order to form the huge life-changing Royale jackpot. When playing this type of roulette you have a chance to observe the growing numbers of the progressive jackpot on the special meter which is located at the top of your computer screen.

The progressive Royale jackpot will make you happy in case the same roulette number will come up few times in a row on the wheel. Examine the presented payoffs:

  • If certain number comes up on the wheel 2 times in a row, you receive 15 credits.
  • If certain number comes up on the wheel 3 times in a row, you get 200 credits.
  • If certain number comes up on the wheel 4 times in a row, you obtain 3.000 credits.
  • And, finally, in case certain number comes up on the wheel 5 times in a row, you are the winner of the entire Royale roulette progressive jackpot which can amount to enormous number of credits.

Become the next winner of the Royale roulette jackpot! Hitting the same number in a row is not an easy quest to complete. But remember that fortune favors the daring thus changing the destiny of simple ordinary people who tried to test their luck and succeeded. You could be one of them! So do not hesitate and give it a try. Have fun!

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