Learn Roulette Basics and Become a Winner

At First Sight

The casino proverb notifies gamblers: "Roulette is a big fun when you know the rules". It is common knowledge that casino roulette seems a very complicated game at the first sight but in reality it turns out quite easy. The only necessary aspect is to understand the basic roulette principles. Once you will make a small effort and look them through, you'll understand that the game is very easy and most stakes are straightforward. Below, you will come across key fundamentals that will aid you to get started.

The Purpose of the Roulette Game

The roulette game intends guessing the numbered pocket of the wheel where the ball will land. The gambler plays against a dealer who presents a casino and is responsible for accepting bets, spinning the roulette wheel, throwing the ball in the opposite direction and declaring the rewards.

There are two major variations of roulette games: European and American roulette. The latter differs with the additional double zero slot ("00") on the roulette wheel thus greatly increasing the casino advantage. Before you will make up your mind and select a particular variation consider all the pros and cons of both alternatives and apply the roulette instructions and tips to the gameplay.

Roulette Instructions

Gamblers make their stakes on single numbers or on a group of numbers. These are 1-36, and green slots in the top known as "0" and "00" (in the United States casinos). All numbers on the table and on roulette wheel are red and black. Detailed data about roulette wheel layout is presented on the relevant page of our website.

The dealer starts the wheel and throws small white plastic ball. Afterwards the dealer lets gamblers know when no stakes are allowed to be placed. The ball lands and the croupier is ready to announce the winning numeral and pay out the rewards.

Major Roulette Steps

In land casinos the roulette game begins with bets of all gamblers (as a rule there are up to 8 players at one table). But firstly they exchange real cash for roulette chips which are of certain color for every gamer. The pro- cedure of roulette game can be traced below.

  • Gamers exchange own finances for colored roulette chips;
  • Players make stakes (as many as they desire);
  • Casino dealer spins the wheel and launches the white ball;
  • "No more bets" notice is declared;
  • The ball identifies the winning number;
  • Casino dealer pays out rewards to winners;
  • All the bets are removed from the table;
  • Those who decide to leave the roulette table exchange chips for real money.
Obey the keystones of the casino roulette and you will definitely reach the best results!

Roulette for fun

  • Fun roulette games
  • Along with standard roulette variations one can enjoy roulette games for fun.