Gambling Guide to Roulette Glossary

Understand the Language of Roulette

Roulette terms and their brief definitions will definitely reinforce your gambling skills. Many words out of the roulette vocabulary can be heard at the roulette table in many casinos. Therefore it is crucially important to understand their meaning and apply them while gambling if necessary.

Below you will find some words of the roulette glossary which will help you to play roulette better in land-based and online casino.

Experience the Roulette Terms

Action - roulette bet.

American roulette - roulette game variation with 38 numbers in total: numerals from 1 to 36, zero pocket and additional double zero pocket.

Ball - plastic ball that determines the winning number when lands in certain pocket on the wheel.

Ball track - outside rim of the wheel where the roulette ball is spinning.

Biased wheel - bad roulette wheel where numerals come up not randomly.

Big number - numeral that comes up more frequently than other numbers.

Bottom track - Interior rim of the roulette wheel where the ball slides prior to land in one of the pockets.

Chasing losses -strategy frequently used by those who want to recover previous loses. Therefore gamer begins to bet more money in order to get back own money.

Choppy game - this is a losing roulette game both for casino and players.

Croupier - casino employee who accepts bets and operates the roulette play.

House edge - the advantage of the casino over gamblers.

Inside bets -bet made on definite numeral or group of numerals inside the roulette number grid.

Orphelins - the stake placed on 3 neighboring numbers which are close at the roulette wheel layout. This type of bet works only in European roulette variation.

Outside bets - stakes placed outside the roulette number grid.

Pay out - monetary reward paid by gambling establishments to winners.

Roulette layout -roulette table area with numbered grid for bets.

Roulette table -table roulette layout with the roulette wheel and betting zone.

Roulette wheel - the wheel that contains 37 numbered and colored pockets (38 numbers in American style roulette). The numbers are 1-36, single zero and double zero in the US casinos.

Single zero roulette - another definition for the European roulette

Tiers du cylinder - French term for bets on a group of numerals on the roulette wheel which are close to each other on the roulette table.

Visual wheel tracking - ability to predict the number where the roulette ball will land at one single glance.

Voisins du zero - French term for roulette bet on the group of numerals that are close to zero slot.

Wheel clocking -tactic used by few gamblers who track the roulette outcomes with the aim to reveal the biased wheel or the roulette pattern.

Wheel roller - casino croupier or roulette dealer.

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